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1.)  Vestige Concept Gallery (VCG) acknowledges the existence of Covid-19 and intends to do everything within reason to curb the spread of the virus and/or any variant thereof.  With that in mind, we understand that in-person and indoor (or outdoor) gatherings are not for everyone and respect your level of personal decision making and responsibility in attending such events or before entering the public sphere.

2.)  Gallery Owner and/or staff will respect a 6 foot distance at all times, will be masked, and you may request that they remain in the rear entryway "from afar" while you enjoy the exhibit (i.e. we will not leave you totally unsupervised, but would be happy to step out of the immediate area).  

3.)  You acknowledge that VCG and its Owner or any Designated Staff (paid or otherwise), are not medical professionals, nor make any special claim to have knowledge of infectious diseases and makes no special recommendations to the usage or types of personal protective equipment (PPE), or not.   


4.)  In regard to item "3": 5/18/2021 Updateit is mandatory based on Pennsylvania State and Local orders to wear a mask at all times when entering the public, and therefore, when entering our premises.  Masks must cover the nose and mouth.   VCG reserves the right to ask any person to leave the premises at any time.   Additionally, entering and exiting the premises, and re-entering  (such as interacting with strangers on the sidewalk and those not screened), may be denied re-entry to an event with no refund provided, should the event have a cover charge.  

5.)  By entering Vestige Concept Gallery, you forfeit any right to sue (or other legal remedy) or file insurance claims for medical or any/all other damages, including death or yourself or others, that may arise from contracting Covid-19 or any derivatives specified otherwise or not.  Additionally, you forfeit the right to have others sue on your behalf.  

6.)  Pennsylvania State Guidelines can be found here.

7.)  Any other additional information not explicitly stated here is not the responsibility of VCG.