MAY 2021

New Appalachia Mixed Exhibition

w/ Special Guest Curator Kyle Houser, Director, Pittsburgh Center For The Arts!


OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, May 8th, 2021, 6 PM

"Safe" Distance Walkthru (if applicable): Sunday, May 9th, Noon-Close  


New Appalachia Mixed Exhibition captures the new and innovative artistic experience surrounding Appalachia and beyond.  Known as "The Paris of Appalachia", the show will be held at Vestige Concept Gallery, in Pittsburgh, PA.  Special Guest Curator for the Exhibition is Mr. Kyle Houser, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Center For The Arts!  

Artists on display include:  Sarah Black-Sadler, Noah Emhurt, Lars Westby, Jenny Wu, Bob Ziller, Tara Verkuil, Jack Straton, George Lorio, Kiel Fletcher, John Armstrong, Sandy Kessler-Kaminski, Sabrina Kindervater, Aimee Manion, Cyane Tornatsky, Bat St. Chip, Jason Padaetz, Brandin Baron, Holland Hopson, and more!

JUNE 2021

Backroads: Art Less-Travelled


OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, June 5th, 2021, 6 PM

"Safe" Distance Walkthru (if applicable): Sunday, June 6th, Noon-Close  


This exhibit showcases works of art that venture off the beaten path, especially with regard to travel.   Artwork will include places or experiences involving hidden gems, special or unusual places, wanderings, odd travel, strange encounters, and/or "lost" and fading places.



We are seeking artwork of any kind, from Emerging, Mid-Career, and/or Professional Artists.  Work should relate to the theme!